AEO Diary: Twinning Tanks & Bralettes

AEO Diary Feature Image

Over the summer it’s been non stop AEO styling for me. I know I say this every post but I haven’t had any chance of writing or updating my blog for weeks and months now. I have put together so many outfits and taken so many photographs ready to show you guys!

My work bestie Dianne and I are elevated stylist & bra experts at work and since we have the same fashion mind set we came to work coincidentally twinning.


In this BST (Back To School) floor set at work we’re getting ready for the end of summer and the beginning of fall with monochromes, greys, beiges and maroons. Our matching tanks available in grey & beige can be found in store. (Can’t seem the find a link to purchase online). We’ve both paired up with me in Jegging Crops and Dianne in black slashed High Rise Jeggings where she’s initially cuffed the ankle.


We’re loving the braille collection in store too. Dianne’s halter neck black lace piece and my racerback grey number. In store you can find a range from classic, triangle, racerback, sporty, plunge, perky and longline.There is options to have soft padding, mesh, lace or cotton. Come in store to find the perfect, tank, bralette or jeans.

New Denim in store – including the new Super Low Jegging & 360 Degree Stretch Jeans


This has been it for today’s AEO Diary. More to come soon!

xoxo Dayna

Ready for the White Party?

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Well I wish I was…  What’s the white party you ask? Well imagine the most expensive, extravagant and classiest party in town. White Parties are parties at which is not the norm for party-goers such as myself – however to dress in all or almost all white, have a fancy dinner and sit amongst sophisticated people in a candlelight setting is definitely on my bucket list.


White Parties have taken place in Miami, New York City, Chicago and most of America. In Paris, France it’s known as Dîner en Blanc – this party of the year has organisers keeping the venue and even the date tip top secret until the last minute.  So if I was invited to this exclusive social what would I wear?

dinner-party-outfit 2

I went for the crotchet look – as it’s very in this summer. A bit of lace is always nice to show off around the neck and tummy area. The flow dress is perfect for a summer’s eve, to compliment the dress I’ve paired it with basic platforms and a soft bow clutch. To top of the look, some very exclusive Tiffany & Co sunglasses with a hint of gold. Vintage or what?

Now of course I would not be attending alone – as I do have a companion of my own (my boyfriend) what would my lovely date wear?

dinner-party-outfit 1

Thanks to the inspiration of The BLK TUX I gathered some inspiration from their site for what my bae could wear for the occasion. You can check out their options for tuxedos and suits here! Pairing the gold accessories to accompany my gold statements from my shoes and sunglasses. I do love a matching couple. For the dinner he could wear the gold bow tie and then opt to change to the black later in the evening or just take it off altogether for the relaxed style. His tux is white dinner jacket  classic to elevates his look this summer. Styled with silk grosgrain peak lapels, the ivory wool strikes a subtle contrast when paired with a crisp white dress shirt.  Finally, his cap toe shoes are tailored for the dance floor of course.

How would you incorporate other colours with your own white attire. I’d love to hear what you would include in yours and your date’s Dîner en Blanc look in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed my Dîner En Blanc style inspiration until next time guys!

My AEO Diary: 4th July Celebrations

4th July

Bringing you another AEO Diary!  Cue the fireworks, BBQ and #AEOSTYLEJuly 4th had all the team dressed up in the patriarchy colours of red, white and blue. AEO has definitely got you covered. Check out what I wore and what you can wear on this July 4th.

Marco & I Rocking Out The Stars & Stripes!

We definitely won best dressed in store. So Guys cheer on your fellow citizens in red, white and blue. We suggest our 15″ AEO Core Flex Slim Jean paired back to a AEO Seriously Soft Henley T-ShirtPlaid Shirts and slip on deck shoes. Want to show even more red white and blue pride? Dye your hair and eyebrows just like Marco!

Girls, keep your 4th of July look patriotic-chic with a red, white or blue soft & sexy sky high tee and studded, tasseled american lagged short. Keep your feet cool and ready for anything in a pair of converses and round out your look by adding a touch of sparkle with bandanas, frilly socks and flags!

Close up anyone!
Sean a.k.a Smartie

Going for an alternative look Guys take a look at this AEO Coated Canvas Fedora and our Graphic T collection!

How did you celebrate the 4th of July? Tell me in the comments below! Plus, check out our Men’s and Women’s July 4th Shops on for more red, white and blue inspiration.

Keep up with the latest trends & promotion via Instagram & Twitter!


What I Wore On Holiday (Tenerife)

What I Wore On Holiday

As I’ve  yet to post about my holiday 2 weeks ago in sunny Tenerife or post as many of my holiday outfits over on my Instagram daily, I thought I’d pop all the links over on here so those who are interested in my holiday wardrobe can get involved. My holiday style is similar to my everyday style really -pretty, floral and girly.

We all dress a little differently on holiday. I had to  update my wardrobe of course before jetting off. From lying on the beach to dining out, I had to plan an outfit diary in my head.  Many brands right now have nailed the holiday trends!

Disclaimer: Some of the items I’m wearing are old or sold out but I have tried to link things that are similar where possible! For example my blue and white floral skirt  is sold out but you can get a similar dress like this one.

Shop My Wardrobe

Hollister – Bikini

River Island – Wedges // Bikini Top // Bikini Bottom 

American Eagle – Jeans // Bralette // Necklace

Valleygirl – Sunglasses 

H&M – Earrings // Skirt

Pretty Little Thing // Playsuit 


AEO Diary: Jegging Crops

Jegging Crops


With temperatures consistently changing and not as normal this summer, regardless I’m showing my ankles! I’m back in business with my AEO Diary and this time we’re focusing on my fabulous Jegging Crop collection. As a stylist now at American Eagle I’ve been inclined to try out so many combinations of jeans, so why not have a wide range of colours too. Look out for my my AEO Holiday Diary next week where I’ll be bringing 7 different outfits whilst I’m away.


You’re destined to love these low rise jeans as they’re in available in so many different colours.

Destroyed White

Charcoal Black 

Tidal Blue 

Soft Indigo

Dijon Yellow (what I’m wearing)

Blush Pink (not pictured)


Back to the crops – this look like jeans but feel like legging style is all about the super stretch. With the 11 1/4″ leg opening this skinny fit is comfortable for either a formal or causal approach. I styled this denim to reflect my weekday wear which includes striped blouse, beige fedora and black Chelsea boots. You can wear these jeans with polka dots checkered or plain tees. Try styling them with crop top or hi-neck.


On the road with my best friend Dani Saurez she helped me take these fabulous photos. I’ve featured her in my blog post today. Hopefully more collabs with her in the future. You can find and follow her blog Casual Milestones .

Dani’s Wardrobe:

Bomber Jacket – Marks & Spencer

Top – Zara

Trousers – Topshop

Socks- ASOS

Shoes – ASOS

Choker – Pretty Little Thing

My Wardrobe:

Hat – Primark

Top – Cheep (Australian)

Jeans – American Eagle

Boots – American Eagle

Bomber Jacket – American Eagle

IMG_4083 IMG_4073 IMG_4082 IMG_4071


Makeup 101

Makeup 101

I love the brand Sleek because it has an expanding colour range.  Complimentary to my skin tone, I own 6 True Colour Sheen & Matte lipsticks.

A cheaper equivalent to MAC, it’s almost a dupe as it does the same job.  For £4.99 in Boots, they’re not top quality, often they do dry out/ flake. The solution to this is applying  a thin layer of gloss/vaseline on the lips before applying. The staying power gives you a few extra hours of wear of roughly 4-5 hours before a needed touch up.   The colours  vibrant which is always a plus for me and longevity is roughly 4 hours with a touch up then. I generally end up adding gloss my lips after a few hours of wear and I like that look a lot.

Lipstick Swatch.png

Exxaggerate (Matte) is also a far more long lasting alternative purple lipstick to Mac’s Heroine, because Heroine fades to pink over a very short time frame (1-2h) where Exaggerate remains true blue for as long as its on.

Vamp (Matte) is my go-to shade and I wear it pretty much every time I go to work. I have this shade for over a year now and it’s nowhere near finishing.

Smother (Sheen) is a shade for my dark and gothic days. It’s purple base wine red shade feels classic, elegant with a dark edge.

Heartbreaker (Sheen) is extremely pretty in the sun warm coral pink.  Everyone thinks it’s something I bought from a Mac counter.

Barely There (Matte) I love this lipstick in ‘Barely There”. It is amazing colour for both everyday and going out. It goes so well with my skin and enhances the lips.  You can easily get an effect of really full pouty lips and it still looks so natural. Also it doesn’t dry out and moisturises the lips nicely.

Naked (Sheen) I’ve been on the hunt for a good, and reasonably priced, nude lipstick for a long time – I’m over the moon to have finally found one. This shade, Naked isn’t too brown, and to me is just the epitome of a nude shade. I love the fact that it has a sheen to it, as it stops it from looking like concealer on the lips.  It’s  very blendable, which is good as you probably don’t want a definite line around the lips – I use my ring finger to blend it out slightly at the edges to make it look even more natural and add a sleek lip liner on top.




May & June Wish List

May & June Wishlist

Hey Friends!

I can finally admit that I have officially finished university so there is perfectly no excuse for me not to post anything up on my blog for you all.

I thought I would share with you a few things from my wish list. A combined month of goodies this time round. Making up for the fact that I missed April’s Wish List.  These are a few items that I have been wishing for this past month. All items mentioned in this post are items that I am really wishing for &/or items I’m planning on purchasing hopefully this month or soon after, especially for my holiday to Tenerife in just two weeks.

May & June Wishlist Image

1. Cocoa Butter // Body Shop 

This super-rich and creamy Body Butter is a pricy contender but is great for my skin. I have quite dry skin and this body butter seems to melt straight in, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. Plus the added bonus of the sweet cocoa scent is divine.

2. Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette // Urban Decay// Debenhams

A new brand for me, recommend by my friends and twitter followers –  I instantly fell in love with the 20 addictively gorgeous, never-before-seen shades of eyeshadow. It’s a limited-edition palette so I’ll need to grab it quick. It includes a huge mirror, a double-ended brush and a coordinating bag. It’s pretty expensive, but I’ve heard it’s worth it. I better spend my Debenhams vouchers ASAP!

3. Monki Feeling Beachy Beach Towel // ASOS

I have been searching the web for about 7 weeks now for a perfect beach towel and this one says it all. I’m all for personality and expression and this street-style-meets-Scandi-chic design and super-fun towel will be perfect on holiday. Its brash colours and a whole lot of prints and patterns will be enjoyed by me lounging around on the beach.

4. NYX Micro Brow Pencil // NYX // Boots

With the launch of NYX products now in the UK, I have begun to invest in their products. Another recommendation from a friend is this beautiful masterpiece. Building full beautiful brows with this ultra-thin Micro Brow Pencil. Apparently it’s precise it coats even the finest hairs with color for a natural-looking finish.

5. Fujifilm Mini 70 // Instax

The latest in Fujifilm technology  the instax mini 70, a new model to join the ‘instax mini’ series of instant cameras.  Available in other colours such as  “Canary Yellow,” and  “Island Blue,” I decided to opt for “Moon White,”. There are new  features such as  the Auto Exposure Control Function to capture both the main subject and background in natural brightness as well as the newly added ‘Selfie’ mode. I cannot wait to take cute polaroid snaps on holiday. I hope to do an unboxing and how to use on my YouTube channel when it gets delivered to my house.

6. NYX Butter Gloss Ginger Snap // NYX // Boots

Best lip glosses on the scene, so I can’t wait to try these dessert related named glosses. They smell good and look good and supposedly show  true to colour. Darker skin tones like mine, I’ve been recommended Ginger Snap, but am also excited to try the orangey Cherry Cheese Cake and matte lip stick Abu Dhabi.  For the price of £5 I’m bound to pick up at least two or three. Whether I wear them on their own or layered over my favourite lipsticks.

7. Vanilla Body Mist // Body Shop

 A lightly scented body mist for all over my body with a gentle burst of warm vanilla. It’s irresistible.

Finally, here are my weekend travel essentials I’ll be bringing on holiday.

© My customised graphic courtesy of HomeAway.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter – well it’s Easter Monday now! Thought I would post a selfie to show that I’m still alive.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 17.15.11

Hectic life as always, I am really not committed to this blogger life am I? Spent the Easter weekend with my boyfriend’s family and it’s been lovely. I have bag full of chocolate and I thought I would share my favourite with you all.


Yes it’s a chocolate shoe! It looks too good enough to eat- might have it as an ornament. Thanking  my boyfriend’s nan for getting me this lovely treat.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and a Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate it!

P.S. More posts soon! I know I promise every time. Once the end of my semester is here I’ll make sure to get more stuff up. For now, bare with me with the little posts every now and again.

March Wishlist

March WishcList

Money is tight, but that doesn’t mean I can’t anticipate and daydream over a new spring/summer wardrobe. I’m looking to book a holiday soon and all stores are going full out on the florals, tanks/ tees and cute bathing suits. In this month’s Wish List I’ve chosen some styling picks from the very own Jenner sisters, basic tees and cute beach essentials.

March Wish List1.MOTO Cord Pinafore // TopShop

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every girl in the UK wear this pinny on a day to day basis. Turns our MOTO’s  alternative to denim is slaying with the distinctive ’70s edge to this throw-on style. I think it’s cute I love the practical pockets. I;m just unsure what colour red or pink? Or maybe both?

2. AEO Jegging Crop // American Eagle

Blushing in these English rose coloured pants. Legging like fit. How would I know? I already own a pair in a mustard colour. I definitely want to expand my collection in this cozy fit. I can wear them rolled up for a cropped look, or roll the cuff down for laid-back style.

3. AEO Soft & Sexy Baseball Henley // American Eagle

This casual tee is swingy, drapey & silky soft. It will be perfect to rock out in on a beautiful day. Comfort is everything and anything in American Eagle’s soft and sexy collection is always worth a buy.  Available in other colours.

4. Kendall & Kylie Lace-Up Ribbed Bodysuit // Pac Sun

This plunge-back black body suit instantly turns even the least graceful of wearer into a willowy ballerina (currently obsessing with the Black Swan costume department). The leotard style will keep my boobs in place no matter how flamboyant  my dance move can be.  I’m bound to team it up with team it with high rise denim or skirts for an effortless tucked in look.

5. Crisscross Bikini Top // PINK

The leafy print is my go-to set for the beach this summer. It’s a pretty cool crisscross front and strappy back. Head turner- definitely. Matching bottoms online too. I need to invest in swimwear by Victoria’s Secret PINK for once.

6. Kendall & Kylie Printed Dolphin Shorts // Pac Sun

Light weight fabric on holiday for the warm weather is great on the skin. No sticking and no sweating! The print is gorgeous. Tank tops to match this masterpiece.

7. Bikini Bag // PINK

Sometimes I just need to dump my wet swimsuit in a bag, but not solely my beach bag as it’s most likely going to soak through my other contents. 2 zip pockets perfect for any other makeup accessories and removable strap—it’s totally genius.

8.Souchy Crew // PINK

Off-the-shoulder style that’s so perfect for summer layering! Slouchy fit will fit very nicely on top of my bikini.

9. Kendall & Kylie Striped Romper // Pac Sun

Festival season is approaching and I’m in need for an off the shoulder getup. The So Cali vibes are already creeping in store across the UK. Pac Sun is a perfect online catalogue for spring/summer clothing.  I discovered the brand  through the Kendall & Kylie iPhone app game. I’m hoping to style this beauty with oversized sunglasses and strappy sandals.

10. Fern Print Towel // Pink

To top it off, this cute beach towel, looks large enough to keep dry and, wrap up warm and have lounge on the sand.