Who needs a “Boyfriend” when you can have jeans?

It’s difficult to find a garment as widely embraced, worn and loved by the world such as jeans. In fact the comfy and compatible trouser-wear will indeed love you right back. This week Boyfriend jeans have been the number 1 top trend in fashion, (well in my opinion anyway) not just on the streets of London but globally too – especially as the college goers return or begin the start of the year. The uni freshers (like myself) are trying to find the right look. Let’s face it – your clothes matter. They’re one of the first things people notice about you. Whether it’s your taste, your interests, or your personality, like it or not, what you’ve got on says a lot about you.

During the week I purchased  some ripped BF jeans myself – they’re super flattering, durable, very comfy and they go with just about everything. I saw these light coloured boyfriend jeans from Primark at an excellent price of £15- bargain! Having worn them for a few days now, I’m  entirely convinced the shape suits me, as I don’t wear jeans very often…but I am completely in love with them.

I’m starting university in a matter of weeks and I’m sure a lot of you guys are too or college/school. Going to university is one of the best opportunities to rethink your personal style, what it represents and whether it’s time to change your teeny school image.

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