Go Mad for Plaid

Plaid shirts, checked shirts, tartan shirts, flannel shirts – whatever you wanna call them! These button-up shirts are the go-to outfits for fall! Despite plaid shirts having carried the grungy connotations back in the 90s, it’s undoubtedly one of this season’s must-have buys. Just leave it unbuttoned with sleeves rolled to elbow length, paired with a plain white tee underneath, leggings and trainers. Or, simply opt for the crop top and dark skinny jeans like Aoife; she just leaves it unbuttoned with sleeves rolled to elbow length.  “I think plaid shirts are really cute, they can look tomboyish but you can wear them with cute, girly stuff to make the outfit more feminine.” I totally agree, moreover I think that you could even put a belt around the waist to accentuate your curves and go for that more sexy approach to be honest. Her long-sleeved shirt is a cotton weave with buttons at the top and breast pockets with a flap and button from H&M for £14.99 and available in a range of colours.

Lula’s shirt is from Jack Wills, her Mylton shirt is the new, oversized shirt silhouette. It has a slightly boxy and easy fit for a relaxed, androgynous look. According to Jack Wills it’s 100% viscose and the shirt has an amazing fluidity that ensures you’ll still feel feminine. Of course you’re thinking, “what the hell I am not buying a shirt for nearly £60?” As a very prestigious brand, I can assure you this vintage shirt has been sourced by Jack Wills’ vintage experts, designed to be worn in an oversized fit to suit any female and re create that Seattle ’93 grunge era vibe.

Lauren’s shirt was purchased at Urban outfitters at more suitable high street store price of £30, which promises a varied collection which is made up of vintage pieces from around the world that have been given a new lease of life.

Finally, Emah’s dress originates from a small boutique located in Upminster, London called Pink Lily. It’s an easy, elegant look. Casual… but not too casual.  The simple line effect still depicts the plaid pattern emerging with a subtle, shadowy colour of black and white rather than original bold patterned shirt colours. Emah is a frequent visitor of the shop and we can see why. Her dress is very mint! I decided to investigate a little further into my discovery of this up and coming fashion outlet. Pink Lily have a Facebook page here which seems to have already stocked up on this year’s autumn/winter clothing.

Mad For Plaid Cover
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