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The Maze Runner Book #1 Review

If you’re all about sagas and series and prequels and sequels, then The Maze Runner series is definitely for you. A fast-pace, thrilling action novel written by James Dashner. It’s one of the first series I can truly say I have become a loyal fan of and quite quickly too. Despite finding out the The Maze Runner Movie was hitting the cinema screens in a couple of weeks and the on-going hype that it’s “supposedly better/like The Hunger Games” series. I thought I would be the judge myself and purchased myself a copy of the book. I’ve been hooked ever since and am very determined to finish the book before I watch the film. It goes without saying that a book is always better than the film.

This incredibly written young-adult post apocalyptic science fiction explores how the main character Thomas wakes up alone in a lift with no memories other than his own first name. When the lift opens, he finds that he has been delivered to “The Glade,” an open arena surrounded by giant stone walls that form the maze. He and the 50 other boys (and eventually one girl) have to solve the maze, but they don’t know how or why. Interesting right? It gets a bit complicated and you’ll find yourself wanting to read on as you race through the chapters. For instance who are the “Creators”? (The people that put them there.) Why are there these monsters making mysterious loud noises at night? As the story unfolds, you begin to start questioning all of its unanswered questions. I’m not going to spoil any more that than that!

In all honesty I feel that this series is going to be more exciting and enjoyable than The Hunger Games, but try not to go in with the expectation that it’s the same – because it’s not! I went in reading the series expecting it to resemble the typical “boy meets girl” and falls in love kind of situation. However it’s far fetched from that sort of perceived novel. It’s amazing and exciting because some of the words leave that chill going down your spine and engagement from beginning to end. Each chapter has such a exotic and compelling feeling, it’s almost cinematic alongside the great concept. The Maze Runner so far gives the the second book (The Scorch Trials) and the third book (The Death Cure) so much potential for it to be a great and promising series. I’m hoping the book stays true to the film, but like any other first film from a series I suspect a crescendo with an ending that borders on infuriating. The Maze Runner hits the UK screens on Friday 10th October.

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