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1989 Taylor Swift Album Review

1989 - Taylor Swift

The new #TSwift album dropped today and I’m loving it. I’ve had it on constant repeat on my iTunes blaring it at a mighty 100% volume. Once again Taylor has created the imperfect, current and timeless track list beginning with Welcome To New York  where the beat has a synthpop feel that transport the listeners to a musical sound of the late 80s. The anthemic bubblegum sound gives the enchantment of the city as a genuine and relatable description of NY itself, as she sings the lyrics whereas the other tracks in contrast glimmer on her personality.

Blank Space seems like it’s going to be a popular track positioned as 2 out of the 13 tracks (excluding the deluxe version)  with lines such as “Darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.” Kill ‘em, girl. It’s a dreamy and another girl powered message with that added sass. Taylor owns to the fact she’s “got a longlist of ex lovers” who will tell her she’s “insane” but she’s got her paper ready where she can just put her experiences into song writing. This track flows perfectly into the next song on the album.  This is my personal favourite Style as it’s very nostalgic and reminds me of the late 80s Miami Beach Art Deco era driving down the boulevard in a converted Cadillac- heading for a disco. The bridge sees Taylor chant  “just take me home” which seems so honest and innocent. Yes there is the hype factor that this song is dedicated to Harry Styles, but who has the time to pinpoint who she’s talking about?  It’s so simple, but so raw. Any relationship is a long drive that you hope leads to paradise, but could just as easily crash and burn along the way. We’re only 3 songs in and Taylor has never been more self-aware.

Track 4 of 13 Out of The Woods sets you in with heart-thumping vocals and it’s as if you’re in the woods and running away from the world into the clear. The indie sound accompanied by powerful adlibs in between showcases Taylor’s lyrical brilliance as well as the fact the song is built on metaphors.  It’s half classic Taylor and half brilliant pop song. Part of the brilliance lies in the simplicity of the chorus. How has nobody thought of this before? She’s so good at making songs sound like the emotions behind them. I’ll never be over how the sound of a frantic heartbeat builds to the bridge. That heartbeat shows up in other places on the album, too, but it’s most effective here.  All You Had To Do Was Stay – reminds me of “Stay Stay Stay” in Red,  however this is more mature in tone.  I love, love, love this song. It’s so catchy and makes me want to flail around like an idiot during the chorus. If it’s not going to be a single, then someone owes me a detailed explanation. Shake it Off  is carefree like the title you just want to “shake it off” and sing along. It’s so damn catchy! Perfect to jam out a little to 1989’s first single as it’s pretty much the only song on the album that warrants a dance break, so that’s why I feel it was placed as track 6.

I Wish You Would I tend to forget about this track but nevertheless it’s crazy how hopeful this song feels as though the emotion behind it is quite sad. As with I Almost Do in Red, this song is so vulnerable and it’s rare for her to explicitly sing about wanting someone back. Normally she’s sad or mad or both and has too much pride to say she’d put it all aside if he would just come back. Bad Blood allows Taylor to forever just diss someone without ever feeling bad about it.  Supposedly dedicated to Katy Perry who used to be her best friend, though it can be interpreted as a break-up song. It has a cheerleader chant-vibe  with a bitter twist. Love when T-Swift throws a bunch of shade — like “Dear John,” “Should’ve Said No,” ”Mean,” and “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” Wildest Dreams – The imagery, the synths, and the editing done to Taylor’s voice on “Wildest Dreams” actually feels like a dream. A dream for my ears. literally close your eyes and listen to this track and just feel uplifted. How You Get the Girl – I can just relate to this song and I think every girl can. It’s cute and reiterates how simple things could be if guys didn’t make things complicated.

This Love – Calming and surreal this song makes me want to wrap myself in blanket of love and never let go.  The lyrics are beautiful; the production is beautiful; everything is beautiful when I listen to this song.

I Know Places –  Such a memorable chorus and just full of darkness.

Clean – The closing track if you have the standard version. This song falls on you like a ton of bricks, an amazing break-up song  — even the “rain washing away the pain” imagery is there. It’s so simple, yet so profound. We can all relate to this feeling in one way or another. I once again appreciate so incredibly how Taylor can take something specific to her and make you feel like she wrote it for you; definitely a staring out of the window while in “a moving vehicle song” this winter.


Wonderland – “We found wonderland, you and I got lost it in.” I love the concept of this song and it doesn’t feel like a bonus track at all. The tempo, the musical breakdown helps the verses soar into the chorus, I feel like I’m in “wonderland” every time I listen to this song.

You R In Love – An honest sincere, serene and heartfelt song about love and this is literally what you could define what true love is in a song. Nobody should ever bother writing another love song because this is it. This is all we need.  One of those songs to which you definitely will want to listen when you are in love. One of those tunes you’d probably want to dance to on your wedding day.

New Romantics –  Such a commendable closing curtain to an amazing album as the the hook is extremely catchy. It’s one of those songs to which you want to sing your heart out and dance along with. It is surely an anthem for people who are single or had their hearts broken and are hopeless romantics.

This album does not disappoint, it’s the new birth of Taylor, you can hear so many influences without once forgetting that you’re listening to Taylor Swift – it is a new musical statement that prove that Taylor Swift can write,produce and sing pop songs that are so much fun and have so much meaning.

The brand new album is available on iTunes for £8.99 (Standard) . D.L.X (Deluxe) £11.99

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