Do’s & Don’ts of Halloween

As we know Halloween was just over 2 weeks ago, but I never got a chance to blog about it. If you’re going to celebrate Halloween next year, I suggest you go all out and  prepare to scare at by planning your day or night out in advance. I get it this post might be way too early to start thinking about a celebration that is 352 days away, but hey a little advice can never hurt anyone. The costumes and the scary decorations, the trick or treating, the best films to watch and parties to attend. Here are 6 guidelines for you witches and warlocks:

1. Halloween is your night to cut loose and be the star of the show in your rich fantasy life. DO take advantage of the fact that this is the one time of the year you will be able to stock up on fishnet tights, cheap black lipstick and nail polish, and heavy dark make-up that doesn’t “scream” at people. I opted for the smoky eye since you needn’t go all-out-ghoul for Halloween- why not keep things pretty….and affordable.

Enlarge image to read small print. Black Velvet Lipstick (£1.99) and Ammunition Eye Palette (3.99) available at Beauty Base. Courtesy of LA Colors.
FullSizeRender (1)
My Halloween Makeover

2. DON’T go trick or treating if your over the age of 16 c’mon it’s a bit lame if your a fully fledged teenager and you’re knocking on people’s doors- unless your with little siblings and relatives I guess it’s okay. However, who am I to stop you as long as you follow the Halloween codes. A well-lit home, a jack-o-lantern or Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” blaring from a household’s speakers are all signals that there is some candy at the end of the walkway. If the lights are off and it looks like nobody is home, move along to the next Halloween-friendly home.

  • Knock or ring the doorbell, only once. They are expecting you. If no one comes to the door, move on.
  • Use the icebreaker words: “Trick or treat.” Follow them up with the magic words: “Please,” “Thank You” and “Happy Halloween.”
  • Be respectful of people’s property. Walk along lit paths. Don’t run. Do not step, or discard of candy wrappers, on lawns or in flower beds.
  • Don’t be a greedy grabber. One treat per visitor is usually the norm.
  • Be mindful of younger Halloweeners. Give them ample space to circulate safely in their disguises. Allow them to go first. Don’t frighten them.They will be getting enough thrills from decorations and costumes.
Made a jack-o-latern at my cousins house to set outside on the wall. Aw how cute is he?

3. DON’T perform any malicious or mean-spirited ‘tricks’. A few cheeky tricks DO turn out to be a laugh if you consider …

a) Getting dressed up so you are unrecognisable. Join a group of trick-or-treaters, preferably some you know. That will drive them nuts not knowing who you are.

b) Decorate your house with all things superstitious. Ladder, black cat, broken mirror, crows. Put the number 13 on your door.

c) Ringing people’s door and running away is quite funny too! (DO it just once more than once is borderline irritating)

d) Have apple bobbing contests, perhaps make some of the apples really sweet and juicy and some of them fake.

Is he eating an apple or did we make him bite into a “salty” flavoured ball?

Harmless fun is always suitable.

Toilet papering someone’s house or soaping their car isn’t cool, neither is property damage or harassment.

4. DO try to find some place unusual to go for Halloween festivities. I want to be a whole lot creative next year. I did go to my Halloween party at my university but I don’t think it would be the same if I went out in London. Some people at my university didn’t really make the effort that I had hoped for. Nonetheless I had an awesome night with some awesome people. It was us cheerleaders who were hosting the event so of course what did we dress up as? ZOMBIE CHEERLEADERS! Here’s some pictures:

Just some zombie cheerleaders
A cheerleader… school girls? Erm… normal people and oh look Snow White in the back!

Like I said the “effort” was minimal!

DON’T go hang out in the local graveyard, at least we all stayed on campus grounds. Yes, a graveyard is it’s spooky and seems like a common thing to do, but lots and lots of normal people will have the same idea, and the police will be out in force dealing with trespassers. The Lady of the Manners and Disrespect is assuming you DON’T want to spend Halloween night in jail.

5. DO throw a Halloween party!

Halloween is a holiday that screams for a big party and some real scary fun. The shorter days in October allow for more nighttime party hours and the cool weather is comfortable for dressing up in costumes.  Just how scary is it going to be? That’s for you to decide. I hope sometime I can DO some of these ideas:

Dinner Party

Good friends and good conversation are what makes dinner parties a popular pastime. Add some decorations and candlelight and you have the perfect atmosphere for a delightfully scary dinner with a Halloween theme. Maybe get the Cluedo out while having dessert.

Costume Contests

It’s not about the candy. Really! Everyone likes to dress up and show off their costumes just as much as the little ghouls and goblins trick-or-treating. The difference here is the value of contest prizes. Why settle for a goodie bag when you can organise for the best dressed to win a cool gadget, gift card, or cash prize?

Scary Movie Marathon

I’m not into scary films at all but I know a lot people who thrive off it – If you’re in for the long haul, pop some popcorn, dim the lights and invite some friends over for a scary movie marathon. From creepy classics to modern-day horror movies, there’s plenty of sources for movies, whether it’s network TV, satellite, or DVD’s. Better yet, have each friend bring a favourite movies and draw names to determine the schedule.

6.  DO have a lot of fun!

Halloween is the perfect time to have a blast with family and friends. Be sure to do something fun next Halloween—whether it’s giving out candy, watching some epic movies , or going to a party. It’s the only time of year that you can pretend you’re someone else. You know, in a way that wouldn’t require therapy.

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