The Eagle Is Landing In The UK – Part 1

So here I begin my trilogy with the journey of the road to what could be the UK’s biggest trend in fashion. American Eagle Outfitters is one of the biggest teenage/young adult clothing brands in America and will launching here first in Europe in a matter of days, okay hours, okay tomorrow! I may be slightly excited if you couldn’t tell already and almost biased in opinion since I myself am new to the brand since starting as new sales associate at the Westfield store. There are going to be three stores which will be situated in Westfield London White City (Flagship- my store), Westfield Stratford and Bluewater.

What does AEO sale?

Best known for its “all-American” look of jeans with multiple sizes, lengths,styles, washes and colours. The store will cater to your every need of the perfect denim. “How do you like your jeans to fit?” – You’ll be surely asked this question whilst browsing or approached in store with our friendly, bubbly and helpful sales associates. So, for those of you who have no idea or what to expect, here’s a sneak peek at what to expect  of  some of the styles:


  • Sky High Jegging
  • Hi-Rise Jegging
  • Jegging
  • Mid-Rise Super Skinny
  • Hi-Rise Skinny
  • Skinny
  • Straight
  • Mum Jean
The skinniest of the skinniest – Sky High Jegging, Hi Rise Jegging & Jegging. (Click to enlarge image.)

Tip: I suggest trying on different styles as the sizes for women are US sizes. You drop by like two dress sizes. So for example I am a UK size 6/8 for my jeans, however I would now be 4/2. In this case my Ripped Skinny Jeggings the size 4 on the waist was too big so I opted for the size 0.


  • Super Skinny
  • Skinny
  • Slim
  • Orignal Straight

Lucky for the men, your jeans are the same as UK sizes, so you have it easy boys no calculations for you. In the Westfield London White City store the majority of the ground floor is dominated to male fashion.  Check shirts, beanies,chinos, graphic t’s and branded hoodies to accompany those tighter jeans for male shoppers.

Who doesn’t love some plaid? AEO has a variety of styles and colours! – £30.00

Now ladies,  no fear there is denim wall for you on the ground floor but also an entire section of wonders in womenswear (sweaters, hoodies, tank tops, dresses, leggings, accessories + more) featured upstairs with the separate zone of AEO’s sister brand Aerie, which is the department I’ll be working in. Yay!

What products did I choose for my uniform?

Zip Back Crew Sweater. The sweater that goes with everything. £30.00
Zip Back Crew Sweater. The sweater that goes with everything. £30.00 Click to enlarge image.
Yes it’s a guy’s shirt but isn’t it a beauty. Heritage Flannel Shirt. £30.00. Ripped Jeggings £42.00 Click to enlarge image. 

What does Aerie sale?

This “real” lingerie and apparel with sexy, sweet or cute and pretty bras, undies, tops, bottoms and sleepwear. You’ll be dazzled with the magic question to help find your perfect bra. “Fashion or function?” So basically what are you looking for…take a look here:


The bras in Aerie have a variety of push ups and coverage. From Perky (least push), Perkier (medium push), Whoa! (adds 1 cup), Double Whoa! (adds 2 cups).  With 3 choices of coverage:

Click to enlarge image. M.P.F – Mia a perkier bra with demi coverage.


I’m so passionate about this brand not only because I work in it but because of what it stands for. The the “real you is sexy.” All the products worn by the models in ads are unairbrushed. These ads reveal that Aerie is challenging supermodel standards by featuring unretouched models in their latest collection of bras, undies and apparel. I think every Aerie’s decision to show its models in all their real, unretouched glory makes an even stronger statement because of who their customers are and young women’s sense of body confidence is so often influenced by the images of female beauty they see in media. Sorry for the emotional statement and media perspective – force of habit!

What you need to know?

  1. The launch of the opening of the store is… Friday 14th November 10:30am Westfield London Whitecity – The other stores will be opening on Saturday 17th November at  Stratford and Bluewater on Tuesday 18th November.
  2. Our 1st 25 shoppers (Westfield London White City) get a FREE pair of AEO jeans. The 1st 500 a scratchcard worth up to £100.
  3. Try a pair of jeans and get £10 off!

Little Secrets!

  • New styles will be in each month.
  • No strict returns policy, you can return any item at any time of year! Even 5 years down the line. Wow. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THE TAGS ON!
  • “Aw what those pair of jeans are now £20 and I bought them for £40 last week?” You don’t even have to bring the item, just pop in store within 14 days with the receipt and you’ll receive a price adjustment for the sale price. Awesome.
  • Look out for those sale items…bargains bargains bargains!

P.S Look out for part 2 of this post where I’ll be blogging about launch day with first look images at the clothing, open day madness, store layout, fashion fixes/buys and AEO’s PPB – Personal Public Opinion.

***Note: Most of the information I’ve stated above refers to the Westfield London White City Store.***

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