December 1st: OOTD

Hi December, you’re the last one, so be the best one. I must admit this isn’t my greatest outfit of the day/month post. It doesn’t scream festive or christmassy does it? I’ll assure you that this month will be filled with OOTD’s that fit the wintry criteria, but I’m going to be a lazy fashionista and settle for an outfit I wore not too long ago. And it’s 11:30pm currently that I am writing this post so 30 minutes until the 2nd of December. Shit. Again technically I am not sticking to posting these OOTD’s every first of the month am I?

OOTD in Camden Town @ Fifty Five Bar ft. John Lennon

My Outfit

  • Cardigan: Forever 21
  • Necklace: New Look
  • Bralette: Aerie

Spotlight – I can’t express enough how I adore this piece of clothing and I suggest you buy one or two ladies – I’ve mentioned about this pretty little bralette at least once or twice in previous posts. It was part of my wishlist for December and I finally made a purchase. It’s great for both support and shaping. It is made of  a nice quality fabric and range of colours. I opted to wear it out as just a top and it works perfectly for nights out .Perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriends too so you can all party it up in your “bras” ha ha. 

  • Jeans:H&M

Dani’s Outfit

  • Hat: River Island
  • Jumper: Top Shop
  • Jeans: Top Shop
  • Boots: Boohoo

Fifty Five Bar

For the lack of outfit discussion of clothing in this so called “OOTD” post and as it’s 2 minutes to midnight that I am writing this post, I won’t ramble on into a boring food “critic” review but I will say my friend Dani took me to this bar located in Camden last week. The cocktails were absolutely yummy and if you are up in London town I say you head straight there. They have delicious food too from hot dogs to club sandwiches. Happy hour sees you 2 cocktails for the price of 1 and the Sunday sessions has 2-4-1 all night long. This is the land of choices for the cocktail lover. Birthday (23 days) plans for this location in a few weeks but if I’m drunk I would want loud music – the ambient noise isn’t that great. Nevertheless you seriously can’t fault the cocktails, I was rather picky with what I drank but there was so many cocktails to choose from. Apple Strudel was my choice.

John Lennon murial by David “Gnasher” Nash P.S His artwork is pretty awesome and if this post was really lacking in content,  at least his artwork in the background of our photos may have caught your eye. Just click on his name to check out his stuff. 

Follow and check out my friend Dani over at Casual Milestones for her fashion and lifestyle blog.

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