OOTD: The Preppy Post

February sees my fashion conscious mind opting for the preppy fashion look. I think I have been watching way too much Gossip Girl as I begin to replicate an Ivy League style of dress. I mean it did all start with Blair Waldorf didn’t it? This 1912/1950s/1960s/1970s look becomes more and more established each decade.

Simply I cultivated a classic simple look by wearing a pulp, black, circle, leather skirt accompanied by thick woollen tights. I think opaque coloured tights is more traditional however I didn’t wanna over do it. Trying to copy that field jacket style I also bought a stunning quilted bomber. Prepped it up a notch! I think my outfit reflects a clean-cut and polished look, with the colour blue and white as my background.  I chose an eagle toasted coconut graphic tee and to top it off I added  those nautical-themed accessories. Yes! A signature anchor headband which I wrapped around my neck. It definitely leaves an sophisticated approach. Not forgetting the white snakeskin non lace boat shoes.

So take a basic look and find a few key accessories to tie your wardrobe together. However, looking preppy is more than just throwing on a pastel or neutral coloured clothing and boat shoes; it’s about finding an outfit that represents you. It may appear to look very expensive and luxurious, but you don’t have to drop a ton of cash to re-create the look.


Graphic Tee // American Eagle

Boat Shoes // H&M

Bomber Jacket // American Eagle

Headband // River Island

Pulp Circle Skirt// American Eagle

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