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Yes Way Mr Grey: Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Review Part 1 & 2

This week the big blockbuster that seemed to be the talk of the town was the sexy first instalment of the trilogy – 50 Shades of Grey! The Fifty Shades franchise still continues to generate a buzz. Anyone who thought these books would have died down by now were all wrong! At first when the book came out back in 2012 I didn’t really pay any attention and plus I was little bit on the young side to be reading about people having sexual encounters. As the movie was fast approaching I had purchased the book last month and began reading; my curiosity had been burning and I must admit that I did enjoy the book. The sex scenes were so detailed and highly erotic – it made me giggle half the time. Oh innocent me! It’s the fastest-selling novel for adults of all time – and it’s very adult in content. However  I don’t think that the graphic descriptions of the couple’s sexual encounters alone made readers find the book so compelling.  I think this idea of  BDSM (BDSM – Bondage,Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism/ Masochism) is what really have people intrigued. Not saying it’s my kind of thing at all! I also believe the true reason that made this book and film so big is that there are so many girls and women out there who got swept away by its main character, Christian Grey. He’s extremely desirable.
The movie hits the screens in the UK on Friday 13th February (just in time for Valentines) and everyone cannot wait to get a glimpse of how Hollywood actor Jamie Dornan and actress Dakota Johnson portray the characters  from the book in an adaptation of the film. I for one was one of those people. I  had a lucky chance to attend the world premier on Thursday evening and oh my it was fabulous. I took my best friend with me. It felt weird being the ones walking the red (grey in this case) carpet as normally we’d be the ones standing behind it.  Ha ha!
What to wear to a premiere when you’re not famous?

I’ve never been to an event like this so I wasn’t sure on what to wear.  The dress code on the invitation simply says ‘smart’, but I’m not sure what would be too much – obviously it would be quite awkward for a teen (such as myself) to turn up in a full-on Oscars dress (which I have no intention of doing, I hasten to add). But really, I was wondering what ‘smart’ exactly entails for this? As it’s a massive premiere held in Leicester Square with virtually the whole world looking at you perhaps full length wouldn’t be out of the question? On the other hand I am tiny so it might look a little silly on me and a dress that almost touches the floor will absolutely drown me.

  • Pick a dress that might fit the theme of the movie or the genre. E.g Fifty Shades of Grey – I chose a silver dress (close enough to grey) that’ s has one-shoulder and sequins all over.,
  • Don’t over spend, you can look glam but still not have to burn a hole in your purse – you still wanna buy some snacks to munch along whilst watching the film.
  • Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize some more.  Wear some sunglasses so you can seem mysterious and elusive. (Paparazzi might think you’re a celeb!)
  • Smart isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea so dress between casual and dressy. A day dress sounds like a  good choice and maybe a casual blazer on top and some serious red lipstick. That way if you feel overdressed you can just slip them in your purse and wipe off the lipstick and you’re good to go.


Kisha Silver One Shoulder Sequin Mini Dress //Pretty Little Things


Now: £15.00

More of a tee kind of person – why not wear a fan shirt like this one:


Yes Way Mr Grey Tee // River Island

Mini Movie Review – Check Out My Thoughts On The Movie Below in PART 1

Attending & Surviving The Premier 

 1.    Allow an extra ten minutes to find the way in. The entrances to film premiere are confusing, busy and frustrating.  Most premieres are made unglamorous by having hordes of flak-jacketed guards and steel barriers everywhere, and screaming creatures -fans. So it looks like you could be your own Maze Runner. (I’m a huge fan of that franchise)
2.    Remember that if you’re attending a premier in London  it will be chucking buckets of rain. Thankfully the weather held up for me. So bring out the rain macs, umbrellas and potentially theme park ride ponchos.
3.    Approach the red carpet slowly. I was quite nervous, so I often felt like I was going to fall over.
4.    There’s a sweet spot near the entrance to the cinema where all stars stop and slowly turn to their fans. It’s where the camera that shows footage inside the auditorium is situated. Ushers and security will try to move you past it. Don’t let them. This is your chance to be seen. There goes my moment to get my book signed!
5.    Watch the people behind the barriers to see if you know anyone. I was hoping to spot a few people I knew. Just for laughs I wanted someone to take a picture with me.
6.    Once inside, you will find a bottle of water or complimentary popcorn on your seat- I had chocolates. This is not a courtesy but a necessity, because you’re going to be here for hours. Before the film starts you’ll have to watch a series of adverts or embarrassing interviews from the cast of the movie, maybe even see wild fans screaming for an autograph.
7.    The author (depending), director and cast will then arrive onstage and tell everyone how excited they are to be there. The director will then introduce the cast, who will talk about the brilliant godlike genius of the director and the incredible life-changing experience of working with them. After that, none of the cast will be able to find their way off-stage without help. No matter how slick and big-budget the film, there will be much fumbling with the curtains.
 Watch My Experience At The Premier Here in PART 2

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