Marvellous Mothering Sunday Gift

Writers block is in full swing this past month, I have to admit it’s busy I’m so damn busy organising my little adventures this year, writing university textual analysis’ *insert yawn here* and trying to uplift my mood by not thinking about a person who isn’t worth my time- long story! The one beautiful and most marvellous woman who sure damn is worth every second God sends is in fact my mum.

Today is Mother’s Day and I picked up a few items for her during my lunch break yesterday. That 8 hour shift of mine made me have a huge headache and a quick shopping spree was needed. Like most mums well mine she told me but to fuss and not buy her anything at all, but of course I’m going to surprise her. Her words to me this morning was “I wouldn’t be a mother without you so here.” She hands me a £20 note.  So I did a little jewellery and cosmetic therapy myself.

Ghost Moonlight Eau de Toilette // £34.00

The second favourite gift of year for Mother’s Day after flowers is perfume & fragrances. So the perfect treat this Mother’s Day I opted for Ghost Moonlight Eau de Toilette.   I always know the scent that my mum often goes for. That said do you know what type of perfume your mum likes? If you’re not quite sure what her perfume preference is, you definitely know her likes and dislikes (sometimes all too well, right?) such as her favourite flower, colour, time of day, etc. Women’s perfume categories fall into: Citrus/Clean, Oriental/Gourmand, Floral, or Fruity. Start browsing through a ton of beauty products or getting a headache from sniffing every perfume that lines the walls of The Perfume Shop to find one that suits your mum best.

My wrapping skills are not the best: Show your love and appreciation with little details- mums love its!


Don’t forget the card!


Little therapeutic shopping – Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick Plum Perfect, Rimmel Red Nose Red Limited Edition Lipstick, AEO Moon & Crystal Pendant, Crystal Ring.

N.B Rimmel London’s Kate No.1 lipstick has had a Red Nose Day makeover. I bought this lipstick as all the proceeds are donated to Comic Relief.



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