Emoji Challenge 

We’re almost half way through 2015 and you could say Emoji’s are the standard emoticon format, widely supported used through communicating using the inter web, mobile telephones and anything that doesn’t involve face to face communication. 

Our 21st Century’s advancements with utter laziness and lack of words has effectively enabled us to communicate with one another by not using the English language. Living and sharing our lives with daily social media like Snapchat and Instagram, our generation never even has to explain what we are doing. Apple has completely took our lack of conversation skills and exacerbated them a few years ago with the emoji.  – – a secret language, newest colloquialism, the lastest slang that has formulated the Emojis’ existence. 

I filmed the emoji challenge video this month, where it involves me telling all of you what my favourite Emojis are and how they best describe me. What are your favourite emojis to use?


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