Feline Flick

Today’s purchases were just too resistible, as I for one believe that eyes are the windows to the soul. I had recently lost one of my precious Sleek palettes and I just had to buy another – not just one but three. I also accompanied the purchase with Eylure eyelashes again opting for an alternative of not just Volume but Definition. IMG_6073 True to Sleek form they continue with the matte black casing and it is very ‘sleek’ – see what I did there.  I believe this gives the brand that ‘high end’ look.  Just like the older MAC palettes.  On the back there is information regarding palette name, where it was produced and Sleek Make-Up website.  It has a pretty secure clasp keeping it shut and I have yet to have one of these sturdy little cases break or come undone.  £7.99 is the set price for these little beauty’s.


96094075-1_2411 Starting with my long lost friend, I also did a mini review on this palette in one of my YouTube videos at 5:36 – which you can view here. One of the best palettes out there. Seriously! The pigments in these eye shadows are unreal. There is two matte shades and the rest are shimmer colours. It’s suitable for all skin tones adding a touch of stylish sophistication to take you from day to night. Each eye shadow palette includes a matte dark colour, ideal for definition or perfecting that classic smoky effect. The actual powder itself feels quite luxurious to apply and feels much more expensive than what this palette actually costs. I think that the range of colours is good. The palette itself has cute city themes as names such as Court In Cannes, Propose In Prague and Pretty In Paris and much more. I definitely recommend.


96022511-1_3704 My newest edition is ‘oh so special’- see what I did there again. Again 12 shades of super-pigmented, long lasting, mineral based eye shadow, designed to suit all. These shades of flattering pinks and browns are perfect because they can deliver excellent results no matter the occasion. Especially for me as I own a majority pink and brown coloured lipsticks. The shadows are soft and blend-able, the colour pay-off is amazing and no creases! This palette is soooo feminine!  I would recommend for everyday make-up since the colours are neutral and pigmentation is astounding.


96040836-1   Last but not least, this electrifying bright and bubbly Ultra palette- note that this is volume 1, so there is another instalment to this palette. These brights are intensely creamy, chalky and super blend-able. Due to the intense colour, a little goes a long way. With cobalt blue and canary yellow neon shades these are ideal for creating strong vivid eye looks. I used my eye liner along the top or bottom lash line for that edgy colourful eye look. I feel like make up trends have gone mad for matte. From matte nails to matte lips, gloss and shimmers are taking a back seat and the eye shadow world is stepping out into the limelight. Ladylike Lashes

Volume: Eylure has literally becomes my life, I now treat their eyelashes as my own. I repurchased the Volume lash but decided to go for a lighter weight (70) I think I might stick to (83) The 70 is nice but not heavy enough for me. It’s a compact but fully lashed style, for a subtle, airy look, enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes. They are also suitable for all eye shapes, they are ideal for regular wear or a special occasion. I prefer the 83 weighted volume lash since it’s more compacted with a short but plentiful lash, ideal for a smooth, balanced look.
Definition: Another new friend of mine.  A cobweb-delicate lash with extra definition on the outer edge, a unique and beautiful look. I think this version of lash is going to become my new best friend. I had a test run of the lashes at home today and I am glad that they are really wearable and not too crazy.

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