OOTD Spring Fling

The weather has shown the UK this week such a positive prediction for summer 2015. These last few weeks haven’t exactly been the warmest , but now that it’s April, things are finally starting to thaw. While rain is thankfully no longer in the forecast, it’s time to get that spring fling on. Sexy summer dresses, cute tees, stylish shorts and skirts and yes…colour block shoes.


Let’s start with my Rose Tan Aeo Cropped Tee, it’s a cutesy garment and is perfect for spring layering. Not pictured but I found it easy to rock a a beige cropped cardigan and leather jacket. It’s material has a soft lightweight jersey feel. The boxy cropped silhouette and scoop neck is perfect for keeping cool in the heat. I am also a little in love with the time graphic.  The shorts… legs were out and about around London this week and I decided to take this small opportunity for my little legs to get some air too. The Twill high waisted shorts are simply lush, the grey material is very rare. It sits nicely on the waist in its stretched form with a high waist, back pockets and sewn-in turn-ups at the hems. It’s part of the Coachella collection in H & M, I myself am not attending that festival but I simply needed these shorts in my life. The spring touch of course is the sunglasses… yes throwing some shade with my mirrored heart sunglasses. Adorable aren’t they?

In the moment filming – hence why the stick (wand) is in my hand.

Finally shoes! These blue acid wash babies are a match made in heaven. I own a lot of canvas shoes like these but these have lasted me for a whole year and are very durable with a strong canvas. These washes and colours are always popular when the sun is out.

Tee // American Eagle 

Shorts // H&M

Sunglasses // American Eagle

Shoes // Primark

Necklace// Claire’s

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