Come Rain Or Shine: The Perfect Raincoat

Hey guys! It’s been a while. Time to get this blog back on track. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, I’ve been busy with university deadlines and work. However, now that I’m on my summer holiday – bring on the blogging! My day started with gusts of winds and rain bashing against my window. That doesn’t stop me from spending a day out in London! As most of you know I’m a frequent shopper at American Eagle. I for one am not a raincoat hoarder or collector and don’t own very many.Shopping for a waterproof material  isn’t my forte and when it rains a lot in the year, it’s so hard to find a cool raincoat that you don’t mind flaunting. The first time I saw this one in store during one of my shifts, I immediately fell in love! The Yellow AEO Spring Raincoat- I can’t imagine it ever going out of style. Whether there are spring showers or treacherous downpours I’ll be wearing my raincoat.  The garment might not make the H20 more enjoyable, but I’ll look good from head to toe.

Yellow Raincoat

Raincoat // American Eagle

Top // River Island

Sunglasses // Top Shop

Leggings // Top Shop

Boots// New Look

Handbag // Top Shop 

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