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If you’re a loyal instagram follower of mine you’ll see that I am a massive foodie. I must admit I might be one of those annoying foodstagrammers over the timeline, but next time you ask “oh where did you go to eat?” or “where’s that from?” don’t expect innocent girls (or me)  to tell you where I had my delicious meal. In this post I will welcome you all to my little restaurant review of some of my favourite food spots in London.

Bar Life: Drinks, drinks and more drinks. So let’s have a first look at the individually styled chain bar with a global menu of comfort-food classics and nightly happy hours. My local chill out spot just minutes away from my house and Clapham Common Station, is a stylish and modern venue offers a wide variety of alcoholic spirits and drinks. Revolution has food is great too and the amazing deals that come along with it, will have you rushing for that#£5lunch or #MegaMonday50%Off.

rev 2
Crab Mac & Cheese, Onion Rings, Garden Salad & Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktails.

Rating summary:

Food ****
Service **
Value ****
Atmosphere ****

American Life: The Diners Diners have been integrated from across the pond of the USA and by offering a wide range of foods, mostly American. This kind of food you can never go wrong – not the healthiest option but its undeniably yum! Expect the burgers, hot dogs French fries, club sandwiches, and fried shrimp. The Diner is located in various places in London I have visited at least three different chains and the classic American Diner has great food, drink and service, and atmosphere. The portions are big, staff are very friendly, the place is quite trendy while keeping that typical diner appearance and flavour. The food is quite inexpensive, with a decent meal (main, side dish, drink) available for less than fifteen pounds. I visit the Diner relatively frequently now and I always enjoy it. I usually have lunch there or right before a night out in Soho- me and my friends all love it.

Rating summary:
Food ****
Service ***
Value ****
Atmosphere ****
Peanut Butter & Banana Milkshakes, Fries, Original Hotdog, Shrimp Sandwich

 Ciao Italia: Italian Delicacy  So we have the regular visits to the local Spaghetti Houses and Vapianos’ to taste the Italian cultural force of pasta. I visited Polpo for the first time to fulfil my needs of pasta being the ultimate comfort food: people’s love for pasta is everywhere apparent. No matter life’s troubles, there is nothing quite as comforting as a healthy plate of pasta and sauce.

Polpo A great selection of dishes and quirky atmosphere, a cute restaurant with great service but a little little expensive with the size of their dishes. My best advice would be to order several dishes similar in style to tapas,  so it’s a great idea if you are part of a large group and you’re all willing to share. Make sure you book a table as this little gaff gets pretty packed out with hungry after work officer eaters, cutesy romantic couples and gossiping female socialites.

Classic Spaghetti Bolognese & Meatballs
Rating summary:
Food *****
Service ****
Value **
Atmosphere ****
Sushi Something: Asian Cuisine
This has to be my best meal out ever. This high-end Pan-Asian cuisine plus cocktails and the extravagant baroque setting is top of the star ratings. Whether you’re big sushi lover or you aint, the Buddha Bar is set in the heart of luxurious Knightsbridge. Just the interior alone, screams Orientalism in its most obvious form, with screen walls made to look like Japanese blocks; a curtain of metal Buddhas are held together in the background. Budget to pay around £50 a head on food alone if you’re eating. There are no bargains on the drinks lists either, but me and my friend Dani were so satisfied with the quality of food and service. Literally the best sushi I have ever tried in my life – no exaggeration.
Ribbet collage
Trio of crème brûlée, Chocolate fondant w/ green tea ice cream, Sushi/Noodles/Beef Platter/ Cocktails
Rating summary:
Food *****
Service *****
Value ****
Atmosphere *****

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