Hyde Park Festival Fever

Over the weekend I spent my days with the sunshine (and a few droplets of rain), making the most of the British Summer Time. I had to make sure I was rocking my own musical catwalk of cool in my freshest festival wear for the 2015 festival season! Whilst I was in the depths of deep of one of the Royal Parks of London I had prepared myself to be the hipster princess of flower crowns, and cute bralettes for the sunshine-friendly appearance of Taylor Swift‘s spectacular 1989 Tour.  Also supporting some good “boyband friends” of mine Union J headlining on the Sunday at the family event. It’s a common fad with the festival-goers alike, the leafy plains were swarmed with ladies who were rocking two-day-old hair and tummy out looks —call me optimistic—we’re convinced flower crowns are a festival must have! Not forgetting to mention the bralettes too! These pretty pieces of wireless fabric without any intensity to hold you in, are thin or lacy straps that act as a regular bra, and provide a reasonable amount of support for small to average busted women.  The comfy, soft,  and sexy, will give you just enough support to get crazy, get partially drunk, and have just about enough energy and support to bounce up and down to some of your favourite artists.

IMG_2924 (1)

Flower Crown // Primark

Bralette // Top Shop

Necklace// Claire’s Accessories

Shorts// H&M


Flower Crown // Primark

Dress // H&M

Necklace// Claire’s Accessories

Socks// Primark

Shoes// New Look


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