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iPho Fragranced Food 

“The best Pho I’ve ever tasted.” – Dayna says after completing her rice set and entrée of Vietnamese cuisine


After a long day studying and a 3 hour workshop class on screen-writing and directing. I was invited by my fellow Australian classmate Janina to grab a bite to eat. Much deserved, after adopting myself to the Australian schooling system, we dined at a restaurant called iPho. It’s the best Vietnamese food I’ve ever tasted… and the only. It was simply that good. Most likely because the seasoning and flavouring was something I’ve never tasted before. My meal this evening in the center of Freo (short for Fremantle, the town which I’m currently living/studying) was so delicious and beautifully presented. It gave me the incline to start fervently blogging again.

Food: Chicken spring rolls, salt and pepper squid and crispy chicken with rice set. Sound pretty simple and especially when I’m writing it in English. Trust me I did attempt to pronounce the dishes in Vietnamese when placing my order – I failed miserably. The chicken combination was very well cooked and had an aromatic texture. The complimentary soup was flavorful. I wanted to make a drink out of the soup; it was that appetising. The rice was soft, it almost melted in your mouth, it contained hints of lemon grass and egg. Everything just tasted so fresh and almost floral. Not that I was eating plants or anything but it was so organic in taste.

Service & Dining experience: The setting was perfect as well. Modern-looking restaurant with very attentive service. I initially thought it would be more expensive than it was. It was  reasonably priced so I will definitely going back for more at some point next week for lunch perhaps. The staff was friendly and very polite. Unfortunately it was a bit of a shame that at the end of the meal we were only then notified that we couldn’t pay separate bills, but other than that I was happy.


Overall Rating: 4/5

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