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What’s Going On?

Hey guys! Can’t remember the date of my last post but it was certainly a while back. And now I’m posting with not much to show and tell. Regular readers know how I love posting a bunch of images or videos talking on a particular subject. I have few moments of quiet in my dorm room which is about 9000 miles away from home -yes I’m currently away and living in Fremantle, Western Australia studying abroad.  Also, the last month or so I’ve been travelling across the globe, hence the lack of posts on my blog.

We all know that travelling has been a thing this 2015. Everyone has been or will be flying across the globe to visit emerging destinations. I for one am one of those people where I had found the adventurous spirit of having a vacation for four weeks. I travelled with my best friends to the City of Angels (LA), The Big Apple (New York) and Disney World (Orlando). With no exaggeration intended, it was simply the best holiday I’ve been on, and personally a lifetime goal for me as I’ve always dreamed of going to America since I was a little girl – cue the aww’s.  

New York

A photograph I took of Brooklyn Promenade looking directly towards Lower Manhattan.
First stop was New York, it’s one of most happening places on the planet. It’s definitely the city that never sleeps, I for one did not sleep at all. I was up everyday at the crack of dawn, approx. 6:00am doing all the touristy things. Having breakfast in the diner, visiting Central Park, finding Gossip Girl locations (my favourite TV series), walking over Brooklyn Bridge. If there was something to do, every minute of every day I was there. I could go on for pages and pages listing endless activities I indulged in.  Think iconic architecture – (the Brooklyn Promenade)…think shopping (spending hours in every American Eagle I come across)…think world-class museums… (paying my respects at the 9/11 War Memorial) think top-class theatre.. (seeing Chicago at Broadway) …think fabulous restaurants (does Panera Bread count?)…and I don’t think I’m even half-way to covering all that New York has to offer. It reminded me of home- London but on a bigger scale.


Me posing at Cinderella’s Castle on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom, Disney World.
I practically lived at Disney World for almost two weeks. Of course going on ride after ride was great fun. Especially with the Disney free app with its times and Fast Pass+ reservations. Disney has a free app called My Disney Experience that includes wait times, maps, characters, FastPass+ reservations and dining info. Pretty handy. I throughly enjoyed meeting the characters, it almost became a game or quest to find each character each day and meet as many as possible. There is random entertainment everywhere. It’s literally the happiest place on earth. As you’re going through the parks, you might spot some things happening randomly that are worth stopping to watch. Disney is amazing! No matter which park you choose.  Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom (which I didn’t get to see) and Epcot. Then you have the 2 water parks – Blizzard Beach (which we opted for) and Typhoon Lagoon.
Everything is pretty expensive, but not as expensive as I thought to be honest. My advice bring enough money for what you think you may buy plus for any extras.

Wear comfortable shoes as I did start to find blisters around my feet- yeah eew! A major downfall I think I spent most my days on Disney World transportation – it will probably take longer than you expect. You really need an hour/hour and a half each way to even make it to the entrance of the parks.  Believe me, most of the time I was waiting at a bus/monorail/boat stop). Note the amount of varied transportation, so imagine the amount of people.

The heat, especially around midday was sweltering, I’m talking 35-40 degrees at most. The humidity hit you like a sharp slap across the the face It got to the point where I spent my last few days in the pool or stayed indoors.

I did majority of my shopping in Florida, particularly at the Premium Orlando Outlets. It’s top brands and designer shopping but at discounted prices. I was in shopaholic heaven. American Apparel, Nike, Adidas, Gap, Victoria Secret, Forever 21, Burberry, the list goes on. Apart from my Disney withdrawals and long lost love for the tasty food on International Drive. Orlando was incredible.


Me posing with Michael Jackson’s star.
Despite the difficulties of getting around this vast city on constant trains and uber cars, my friends and I managed to discover the majority of LA in the space of 3/8 days.  Being the nation’s film and television industry, for me it was incredible to do the Star Line sight seeing tour, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Hollywood Madame Tussaud. The glimpse of Hollywood sign was good enough from me. Perhaps on my next trip I would love to do Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers behind-the-scenes tours. Also the TMZ paparazzi tour which we almost considered going for a laugh. I was lucky enough to be staying in Anaheim to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th anniversary. I had an amazing experience swimming with dolphins for the first time at Sea World. Not only did I visit Hollywood, I went to the popular areas of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Venice. Spending the day by the broad walk, dipping in the Pacific Ocean and watching the sunset over The Hollywood Hills. I visited the Anaheim Packing House which has unique and quirky food outlets and shops- my kind of hangout spot. LA is the place to be, without a doubt I shall be returning.

What Happens Now?

That’s a little update of what I’ve been up to in the past month with tons of details which would take me about half a year to even go into. So slowly but surely I will be uploading my vlogs on my Youtube Channel – the first few documented days in New York have been uploaded so you can check those out here. I have a series of images of my holiday up on my Instagram if you’re really keen and also a few of my current adventures in Australia. I will also be blogging on here with blogs attached about my current study abroad opportunity in Australia, but bare with me guys I am super busy with studying and other stuff going on in my life that I’ve had to put all of this on hold, but rest-assured I haven’t forgot about you my lovelies.

-Dayna xx






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