Australia Day

Waking up this morning only to see on all forms of social media that it’s Australia Day! If I was asked what does Australia Day mean to me, perhaps a year or two ago I wouldn’t be able to answer. It would just be another event in the calendar that I would either ignore or long to participate in.

I could now call Perth, Western Australia my second home town since I did live there for almost 5 months. Of course Australia has it’s historic and political connotations which are somehow disregarded or swept under the carpet, however living in the UK I will be always reminded every year that it’s happening and now I have something positive to say about it.

It’s one of the most stunningly perfect place to travel and I’m hoping to visit again in the future. I could go on for pages and pages writing about every aspect of the country, but here’s just a few things you readers should keep in mind if you ever find yourself there one day.

Me at the Kangaroo Statue on St Georges Terrace, Perth, Australia.

1. You’re never too far away from the beach.

  2. People in Australia really know how to make superb coffee – sorry Starbucks!

3. There are probably more kangaroos, koalas and quokkas (google these little creatures) than humans in Australia, which makes life even more adorable.

4. Australians dominate at rugby league so if you’re the sporty type and love to watch a good game of ruffians sprawl over an oddly shaped ball then head down to a pub.

5. Speaking of pubs, Australians love a coldie (beer). Drinks on you?

5. Want to travel around cheap?  I never encountered the ‘backpacker’ lifestyle before I got to Australia.

6. If you love the sunshine then Australia is weather goals – I arrived in July and it was already hitting temperatures of 25°C/77°F. Let’s just say our winters are their summers which is really awesome -temperatures of 30°C/85°F in mid November and early December.

I’ll leave you lovelies with six reasons why I think Australia Day should be recognised because seriously their country is pretty great. It’s probably things you already knew, but I just wanted to show my appreciation . To be honest I don’t really want to tell you everything about my experience just yet- I won’t have nothing to blog about in the upcoming weeks.


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