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Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Mini Review + Douglas Booth Exclusive

The time has finally come! Well, actually: Monday 8th February, the time had come. I finally met the one and only gorgeous Douglas Booth.

© Photo by Esquire from Jacob Stolworthy ESQ&A: Douglas Booth
© Photo by Esquire from Jacob Stolworthy ESQ&A: Douglas Booth

Best known for his roles in movies such as: LOL (2012), The Riot Club (2014), and Jupiter Ascending (2015).

Okay when I said meet I was exaggerating ever so slightly. He may have just been sitting opposite with 6 rows of seats; about 2 meters away with a room filled of more than 100 people.

I was lucky enough to attend the preview screening of the latest and weirdest adaptation of a British classic. If you haven’t heard of Jane Austen’s best selling novel published 1813 because obviously moist of us wasn’t alive or you’ve probably never had to study it tediously during some form of education, then here’s a mini synopsis I created.

Synopsis of Pride and Prejudice
However it’s a little different from my mini summary above, in fact it has a rather unusual twist, the title of this blog post is dead giveaway of course.

Pride and Prejudice + Zombies


I am no fan of horror or the common generic supernatural creatures in a film, but for a glimpse of Booth on screen and off screen is a must!

Sam Riley (as Mr. Darcy) and Douglas Booth (Mr. Bingley) in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Sam Riley (as Mr. Darcy) and Douglas Booth (Mr. Bingley) in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I wasn’t crazy excited about the movie but I am a film buffer and I study film so attending the event with my best friend was still cool nevertheless. . To my surprise the movie was quite charming, It is for sure 55% pride and prejudice as it follows the story by referencing quotes from the novel and adopting character traits. Then it’s 45% zombie apocalypse state in between with the Bennett sisters kicking some serious zombie butt with some incredible dangerous weapons.  Lily James is quite amazing in this film as well as all the other actresses who play her sisters. A favourite scene of mine is when all 5 girls enter the formal dance and attack every undead soul in the room. The fight sequence is quite spectacular to watch.

From left: Lydia, Jane, Elizabeth, Kitty, and Mary prepare to kick some zombie butt.

The film doesn’t outrageously throw in the zombie narrative as you expect, the aspect is embraced. It’s light hearted moments, comical puns and romantic duologues. Despite my flinching and holding onto my friend’s arm (whilst looking away) for dear life,  the film is cool enough to laugh with us at its    attempts to scare you. It’s very much like an action/adventure too.

I could barely contain my excitement for the Q&A session with Douglas Booth who stars in the film as  Mr Bingley. A bunch of us had burning and nagging questions about all things PPZ related. There were some already-submitted questions as well as a few from the audience.

Click video below to watch and listen to the Q&A


*= missing from video

1. Do you get to keep things from sets?
I would love to, but most of the time I don’t they normally have them in big warehouses and just keep it there for ages and ages.

2. …What was the best bit about making this movie?

The best nit about making this movie was my friends. we had so much fun making it. We really, really did. Yeah I can’t stress it enough. We had an amazing halloween party at Matt Smith’s house. Could you imagine we’re making a zombie movie, there was lots of makeup and gore around. We had an amazing time filming it.

3. …Is it a different experience walking on to a strange set and having to meet people for the first time?

One hundred percent, but there is nice things about each one; it’s part of meeting new people and you’re meeting your friends of the future. I love both. It’s a lovely thing about having a familiarity with people, the chemistry is great. Chemistry is really really important and to try to the make the relationships as real as possible. It shows on screen. I think hopefully you can see we were having a good time. Matt was definitely having a good time. He’s so good in this film he makes me laugh so much. You can tell we were just having a great laugh. 

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is in cinemas now!





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