Feburary Wish List

Another month has arrived and another pay day was not too long ago. It’s February, a month of some important and not-so-important causes to celebrate. We are called upon to devote our attention to pancakes, giving up something for several months (if you’re religious inclined), and where love is celebrated and blossoming through the air for only one day. So I’m feeling some red, cute, “yummy looking”and unforgivable fashion.

February Wish List

01. Petites Red Bow Front Dress // Miss Selfridge

Being the belle of the ball would definitely fit the description for this dress. Even a day out in London for some lunch, if I was feeling dressy for the occasion. This jacquard prom dress with bow front detail is adorable, but I so need it to come down in price. To be honest, it’s the only reason I haven’t ordered it yet: it’s been in and out of my basket so many times now it must be starting to feel sick.

02. Petites Ivory Scallop Skirt // Miss Selfridge

This A line skirt is classy, classy and more classy… did I mention how classy this design is. On the catwalk it’s going bonkers for buttons this season. This petite ivory skirt with scallop edge has beautiful big button detail. I’ve been needing a new skirt.  This one is perfect. I’m just waiting for a cheeky price drop or discount code to come along so I can make that dream a reality.

03. iPhone 6/6S Love Case //  iPhone 6/6S Pink Iridescent Glitter Case // Skinny Love

Whilst browsing in Topshop, I came across a brand called Skinny Love and I absolute fell in love with their cutesy tech and accessories.  Of all of the iPhone cases I’ve ever seen these seem pretty legit. They’re not original in patterns and designs by any means, but the quality looked and felt absolutely amazing.  I’ll end up becoming  obsessed over the “retro” looking style.  I think these cases are the kind of thing I could probably get quite a bit of wear out of for my phone. Not dodgy ones off Ebay that will last for about a month or so before cracking, chipping or breaking. You know the deal? We’ve all been there £1 phone cases – they so are not worth it!

04. Wide-Brim Wool Fedora // Wide-Brim Fedora Pink//  Forever 21 

I’ve lumped these two together, because although they’re different kind of styles, they’re both from the same store, and they’re both hats.  My hat collection is sadly lacking.  I love many headgear; hats are my love- they’re so classy, aren’t they? That’s why I’ve found these two, which are from Forever 21. The first is crafted from rich wool, this fedora features a slightly floppy wide brim and a pinched crown. The second will match a pink coat which I recently dry cleaned. Again,crafted from wool this fedora is complete with a wide-brim, ribbon and a faux suede string band.

05. Feather Key Ring

I’ve seen quite a few people rocking the feather key ring over the last few years. It comes in and out of style. I think it’s a perfect accessory to add to my favourite bags. I could build up quite a collection. They’re seen in stores like Topshop, H&M and Urban Outfitters.

And finally…

06. Rose Gold Three Pack Ring Set // TopShop

A rose gold look of three pack ring set with crystal stone detailing. Topshop’s jewellery brand Freedom has some awesome stuff. With 100% real metals, silvers and golds – not feeling the rust or green fingers from Primark.

This is actually a pretty short wish list by my standards. I’m still trying to be a bit more sensible with my purchases. Although this is a wish list, not an actual shopping list (i.e. I’m not planning to run out and buy everything on it. Just maybe SOME of them in due time), I’ve still tried to be realistic with it.

Tell me though: What’s on your wish list this month?

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