Other Daydreams

What I Bought My Boyfriend on V-Day?

Valentines over the weekend was pretty special for me this year. I did not spend it with a pot of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, an episode of Gossip Girl or cuddling every single soft toy I own. I actually spent it with a male human being for once – my boyfriend.

Seeing as I never had to buy presents for another male species before on this occasion I was stuck for choice. Valentine’s Day was approaching and I needed some inspiration on what present to get my new man in my life. I had a lot of people asking me what I did/worn this year (which you can find out here) or what did I buy for him?


From AEO boxers and polos to trusty exquisite Ralph Lauren cologne set, funny valentines card and the cutest cupcake I saw on my commute from university.


Shirt // Hollister 

Ralph Lauren Cologne Gift Set // Debenhams

Card // WhSmith’s

Polos // American Eagle 

Boxers // American Eagle

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