Makeup 101

I love the brand Sleek because it has an expanding colour range.  Complimentary to my skin tone, I own 6 True Colour Sheen & Matte lipsticks.

A cheaper equivalent to MAC, it’s almost a dupe as it does the same job.  For £4.99 in Boots, they’re not top quality, often they do dry out/ flake. The solution to this is applying  a thin layer of gloss/vaseline on the lips before applying. The staying power gives you a few extra hours of wear of roughly 4-5 hours before a needed touch up.   The colours  vibrant which is always a plus for me and longevity is roughly 4 hours with a touch up then. I generally end up adding gloss my lips after a few hours of wear and I like that look a lot.

Lipstick Swatch.png

Exxaggerate (Matte) is also a far more long lasting alternative purple lipstick to Mac’s Heroine, because Heroine fades to pink over a very short time frame (1-2h) where Exaggerate remains true blue for as long as its on.

Vamp (Matte) is my go-to shade and I wear it pretty much every time I go to work. I have this shade for over a year now and it’s nowhere near finishing.

Smother (Sheen) is a shade for my dark and gothic days. It’s purple base wine red shade feels classic, elegant with a dark edge.

Heartbreaker (Sheen) is extremely pretty in the sun warm coral pink.  Everyone thinks it’s something I bought from a Mac counter.

Barely There (Matte) I love this lipstick in ‘Barely There”. It is amazing colour for both everyday and going out. It goes so well with my skin and enhances the lips.  You can easily get an effect of really full pouty lips and it still looks so natural. Also it doesn’t dry out and moisturises the lips nicely.

Naked (Sheen) I’ve been on the hunt for a good, and reasonably priced, nude lipstick for a long time – I’m over the moon to have finally found one. This shade, Naked isn’t too brown, and to me is just the epitome of a nude shade. I love the fact that it has a sheen to it, as it stops it from looking like concealer on the lips.  It’s  very blendable, which is good as you probably don’t want a definite line around the lips – I use my ring finger to blend it out slightly at the edges to make it look even more natural and add a sleek lip liner on top.




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