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AEO Diary: Jegging Crops


With temperatures consistently changing and not as normal this summer, regardless I’m showing my ankles! I’m back in business with my AEO Diary and this time we’re focusing on my fabulous Jegging Crop collection. As a stylist now at American Eagle I’ve been inclined to try out so many combinations of jeans, so why not have a wide range of colours too. Look out for my my AEO Holiday Diary next week where I’ll be bringing 7 different outfits whilst I’m away.


You’re destined to love these low rise jeans as they’re in available in so many different colours.

Destroyed White

Charcoal Black 

Tidal Blue 

Soft Indigo

Dijon Yellow (what I’m wearing)

Blush Pink (not pictured)


Back to the crops – this look like jeans but feel like legging style is all about the super stretch. With the 11 1/4″ leg opening this skinny fit is comfortable for either a formal or causal approach. I styled this denim to reflect my weekday wear which includes striped blouse, beige fedora and black Chelsea boots. You can wear these jeans with polka dots checkered or plain tees. Try styling them with crop top or hi-neck.


On the road with my best friend Dani Saurez she helped me take these fabulous photos. I’ve featured her in my blog post today. Hopefully more collabs with her in the future. You can find and follow her blog Casual Milestones .

Dani’s Wardrobe:

Bomber Jacket – Marks & Spencer

Top – Zara

Trousers – Topshop

Socks- ASOS

Shoes – ASOS

Choker – Pretty Little Thing

My Wardrobe:

Hat – Primark

Top – Cheep (Australian)

Jeans – American Eagle

Boots – American Eagle

Bomber Jacket – American Eagle

IMG_4083 IMG_4073 IMG_4082 IMG_4071


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