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Ready for the White Party?

Well I wish I was…  What’s the white party you ask? Well imagine the most expensive, extravagant and classiest party in town. White Parties are parties at which is not the norm for party-goers such as myself – however to dress in all or almost all white, have a fancy dinner and sit amongst sophisticated people in a candlelight setting is definitely on my bucket list.


White Parties have taken place in Miami, New York City, Chicago and most of America. In Paris, France it’s known as Dîner en Blanc – this party of the year has organisers keeping the venue and even the date tip top secret until the last minute.  So if I was invited to this exclusive social what would I wear?

dinner-party-outfit 2

I went for the crotchet look – as it’s very in this summer. A bit of lace is always nice to show off around the neck and tummy area. The flow dress is perfect for a summer’s eve, to compliment the dress I’ve paired it with basic platforms and a soft bow clutch. To top of the look, some very exclusive Tiffany & Co sunglasses with a hint of gold. Vintage or what?

Now of course I would not be attending alone – as I do have a companion of my own (my boyfriend) what would my lovely date wear?

dinner-party-outfit 1

Thanks to the inspiration of The BLK TUX I gathered some inspiration from their site for what my bae could wear for the occasion. You can check out their options for tuxedos and suits here! Pairing the gold accessories to accompany my gold statements from my shoes and sunglasses. I do love a matching couple. For the dinner he could wear the gold bow tie and then opt to change to the black later in the evening or just take it off altogether for the relaxed style. His tux is white dinner jacket  classic to elevates his look this summer. Styled with silk grosgrain peak lapels, the ivory wool strikes a subtle contrast when paired with a crisp white dress shirt.  Finally, his cap toe shoes are tailored for the dance floor of course.

How would you incorporate other colours with your own white attire. I’d love to hear what you would include in yours and your date’s Dîner en Blanc look in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed my Dîner En Blanc style inspiration until next time guys!

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