October Wishlist

Busy as a bee – that’s me! My summer has been taken over with working all that overtime.  A month of no posts – I must say there is no excuse. With summer over and university life in full swing. I have some exciting things planned for my blog and also the revamp of my Youtube Channel – so stay tuned!

In the meantime I have collated a new wish list for the month. No surprises more makeup, more clothes and more camera equipment! Let’s get to it!

October Wish List.png1. Bestlight Photography 160 LED Studio Lighting Kit.

I’ve recently set my sights on the this ultra high powered lighting stand. The winter days are fast approaching and not enough sunlight is hitting through my bedroom window to give me that illuminated Youtube video look . An Amazon price of £26.41 is suitable for a filmmaker like me on a low budget. From the reviews, other have found this product great quality, easy to use and a great product to add to my production tool belt.

2. Morphe Brushes Color Plum Palette 

Eye makeup colours is a must for me! The autumn season calls for purple hues  I am in desperate need for a new palette. Like the Morphe Brushes Color Plum Koffee palette it offers classic neutrals to complement the plum and violet tones in this iconic eye shadow palette. I am in search for majestic and dark colour for my eyes – Halloween is almost here guys!

3. Morphe Brushes Color Koffee Palette

Eye makeup is my go-to so I am in desperate need for a new palette. Experimenting more with different brands and drifting away from my Sleek palettes, the Color Koffee Palette is an iconic palette of must have neutral hues. Cocoa and coffee browns with shimmering and matte combination of blacks. I hoping to practise signature eye looks.

4. AEO Cotton Parka

A cool outsider parka coat. I’m in need of a new coat for the winter.  The outermost layer is designed for versatility and effortless cool. It 100% cotton with a full zip front with button flap and full hood. I’m snatching this up in store at work when it’s brought down in price.

5. BRIMNES Day Bed

I am 20 year old and still sleeping in a single day bed. I’m missing out on that extra room for rolling around, stretching about and sharing. I love day beds they’re just that little bit different. IKEA has the perfect four functions in one – seating, bed for one, bed for two and two big drawers for storage.

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