Purpose Tour: Merch Spotlight

Let take flashback to two months ago when Purpose Tour merchandise pop up shops  were happening in all the major cities New York,  Los Angeles and my hometown London. . Urban Outfitters were celebrating Justin Bieber’s successful ‘Purpose Tour‘ with exclusive merchandise, competitions and freebies .

Now the time is here where Justin Bieber launches his Purpose tour in London tomorrow night. Being a massive fan of his, I went down to Marble Arch, Urban Outfitters back in August to investigate – there were few clothing items I may want to cop onto when my show in November comes around.


In the first instance I did not even get close to grabbing anything in my size, hence why everything on me looks baggy. Although, his merch doesn’t come in xtra small and even size small is way too big. Will I have to opt for a kiddie t shirt? Probably! Nevertheless, the colours are bold but not very varied. Lots of greys, whites, blacks and hints of red. I’m the kind of person, although I wear whatever I like, I don’t like seeing everybody with the same t-shirt I am wearing. This is probably why I am still not sure about the hoodie or the shirt – a lot of people are gunna be wearing it, which means that it is not as special as I wanted it to be. I don’t know if this makes any sense but this is how I feel about it. I like that anyone can buy it though, but it just makes the merch less attractive for me.

Another thing that makes it less attractive is the price.Ranging from £40 and up. It’s pretty expensive stuff. An Old English and Gothic-style has been incorporated onto each clothing item. Each of the scripts have been implemented on items ranging from hoodies to tees, crewneck sweatshirts, a baseball shirt, and sleeveless tops. Various outerwear options are also included, featuring a coaches jacket, denim jacket, military jacket, and a bomber. The branding revolves around Bieber’s Purpose tour lingo such as “Purpose World Tour,” “World Tour,” “Sorry” and “Bieber” have then been stamped across numerous silhouettes.

So what do you think of the designs? Will you be buying any of the tour merch? Will you even be going to Bieber’s tour?


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