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Back On The Scene

Being someone who likes to write and who can be intensely critical of my own writing especially when it’s viewed by the world. I’ve decided to almost document my journey of my independent study project via my blog. I’m in the beginning stages of my research for my dissertation and it’s been a bit of a tricky start. My ideas have changed drastically; from the outlook of Disney princesses compared to ‘fashion through the ages’ type magazine spread, to investigating fashion in film, to actually creating a fashion film itself. I’ve almost narrowed down my findings to focus on a major event – that being  London Fashion Week.

As chosen starting point for my research and one of the industries I’m keen on working in after I graduate, I thought this seemed like the perfect dissertation project idea – A web series? Featuring vlog posts? Show reports, analysing in depth the cultural connotations of designer clothing? Interviews with the common shopper or those inspired by street style? I have all these ideas, it’s just trying to figure out a way of putting it all together.

As part of my work placement I’ve been writing for Jungle magazine a biannual  international fashion and culture publication based in London. Given it’s success I’ve become quite inspired at how they empower their readers to think about creative freedom and artistic expression though fashion and culture. Perhaps, I should try to accomplish this through my project and really think about what I can offer my readers and who my target audience is.

I’m in an industry, where blogging is becoming an increasingly important part of one’s identity. Fashion, partly falls into the same category, where everything is being viewed digitally. Steering away from my initial idea of creating a magazine spread, maybe people may find my project more of an interest if I was to put all of my content onto my blog. It’ll keep me reflective and thinking about my writing process the whole way through. It won’t only be an informal space to reflect on my ideas, but may eventually become the project itself.


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