Hey I'm Dayna and somehow you've stumbled across my blog Daffy Daydream! I’m a 23 year old London gal whose graduated from university in Media Arts in 2017, landed her self a new job in travel in January 2018 and where during my time studying abroad in Australia as a part of my degree I said to myself "let's go on adventure at least twice a year!

This may have sparked the ever burning desire to now return back to university and study my postgraduate degree in primary education whilst dreaming of living abroad and teaching around the world.




Daffy Daydream was formerly known as Teen Dimension and it was a blog I launched just at the end of summer back in 2014 before I started studying. I wanted to shed a light on my life, my love for travel and fashion, a space where I could show what I could offer to the world through all my experiences. My thoughts, opinions, aspirations and dreams - just somewhere to keep my creativity juices flowing and a documentation of my travels, also a place for you to explore all the wonders of the world too.

Spending time contemplating about what I wanted to do after I finished university and which path I wanted my life to take, even thinking I had figured out exactly how all my aspirations and dreams were going to pan out, but sometimes in life things never turn out the way you planned.

I’m starting all over, but this time not frustrated or worried but more excited and ready to embark on a new adventure and keep exploring the world without any doubt, fears or excuses. However, still keeping in mind some values that are most important to me throughout this journey: 

Happiness, Fun, Creativity, Tenacity and a little bit of Crazy - but the spontaneous kind! 

Most of my wanderlust centers around these ideas and exploring different cultures, eating as much as possible and filling up my wardrobe, daily styling in the city, adventures around the globe featuring city guides, shopping guides and general travel tips. You’ll find a lot of reflections and advice in my "Other Daydream Diary" too! I’m here to inspire others through my journey of being a female traveler and fashionista and teacher all at once. Encouraging you to explore new avenues, places and be able to feel stylish and confident in your own skin and of course inspire others!

So be patient with me as well as my blog but also myself I’m most definitely “still under construction!”

 Feel free to have a look around, leave a comment or follow me on social media!




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