Welcome to my blog Daffy Daydream formerly known as Teen Dimension.  My name is Dayna Dibua and I’m currently in my final year at university studying Media Arts.  I wanted to shed a light on my life and what I can offer to the world with my own personal styling (on myself of course), fashion, beauty and outfit ideas & suggestions. My thoughts, opinions, aspirations and dreams. It’s nothing professional, just somewhere to keep my creativity juices flowing. I look forward to sharing more videos from Youtube channel, some design from my media work and eventually get some of my photography up on my blog too. For now, I hope you can enjoy reading and gazing at my random topics, something I like to call ‘Other Daydreams’. You’ll find posts & videos about food, travel, advice and reviews and so much more.

For any enquiries or suggestions please send me an email at: daynadibua@gmail.com

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