Emoji Challenge 

We’re almost half way through 2015 and you could say Emoji’s are the standard emoticon format, widely supported used through communicating using the inter web, mobile telephones and anything that doesn’t involve face to face communication.  Our 21st Century’s advancements with utter laziness and lack of words has effectively enabled us to communicate with one another…… Continue reading Emoji Challenge 

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Yes Way Mr Grey: Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Review Part 1 & 2

This week the big blockbuster that seemed to be the talk of the town was the sexy first instalment of the trilogy – 50 Shades of Grey! The Fifty Shades franchise still continues to generate a buzz. Anyone who thought these books would have died down by now were all wrong! At first when the book came…… Continue reading Yes Way Mr Grey: Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Review Part 1 & 2

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My New YouTube Channel + New Camera

Hey guys it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, that’s because I’ve been working on filming, editing and designing for new vlog posts. Yes I have created a Youtube Channel. Hooray! It’s still in the process of development, but I felt I should really expand on my audience and perhaps have you…… Continue reading My New YouTube Channel + New Camera